A brief history
Prophix began as a software distributor. After years of implementing financial applications, the company’s founders, Paul Barber and Bob Walker, recognized the market’s need for innovative planning and reporting systems. In the year 2000, the organization developed and sold its first product, Budget 2000.

Present day
Today, Prophix develops innovative Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software that automates critical financial processes such as budgeting, planning, consolidation, and reporting—improving a company’s profitability and minimizing their risk. Prophix provides you with the right balance of simplicity and depth, delivering CPM software that is easy, powerful, and collaborative. For everyone. Thousands of innovative organizations in nearly one hundred countries use Prophix to gain increased visibility and insight into their business performance.

Global network of partners
Prophix and our partners across the globe deliver superior value by combining high-end functionality with low cost-of-ownership and fast implementations. With a product built entirely on the Microsoft SQL Server stack, Prophix streamlines budgeting, planning, reporting, consolidation, and more.


We don’t sell our software piecemeal – we sell a complete CPM package. Every time. You can purchase Prophix now and implement only the functionality you need. Our solution will grow with you, and will support your future, strategic performance management needs.

You can administer the software without burdening your IT department. Prophix is built in such a way that there is minimal customization required – leaving implementation times short and more effective.

Prophix delivers value. This is our commitment.

The company is headquartered in Mississauga, just west of Toronto in Canada, and hosts satellite offices in the UK, Europe, and South America.

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