Never customize. Always configure

We call it our ‘productization strategy’—the key to delivering a comprehensive Corporate Performance Management (CPM) product that we have built to automate processes, drive efficiencies, empower users, and, most of all, deliver value to our customers . Our software application does not require extensive builds or customization. As a result, implementation times are short and customers realize benefits quickly.

With Prophix you get the full suite of capabilities. Install what you need now, and as your organization evolves you can leverage your investment further by adding functionality—all of which is contained in a single product.

A single version of financial truth

Even when consolidating information from multiple sources, Prophix generates a single version of financial truth for customers. Using Microsoft SQL Server platform as the software’s foundation, we offer unified functionality with a shared user interface. All of the application data lives in one place, making it simpler to maintain and easy for your IT department to upgrade or plan deployments. At Prophix, we build everything from the ground up; we don’t combine multiple code bases, applications, or system architectures. Your business users only need to learn one application, which contributes significantly to their ease of use.

Empowering business users

Reduce delays. Avoid hidden project costs. Leave your IT specialists to their areas of expertise and let your business users flourish, designing new models, creating calculations and dashboards, generating reports, and distributing information to your stakeholders as needed. Prophix puts the power in the hands of the customers.

With the web and mobile access, Prophix provides users with essential business data and insights from anywhere, at any time and on any device.



"Our work developing a personnel planning solution with Prophix’s Detailed Planning Manager puts us way ahead of where we stood when we used spreadsheets."

The Milwaukee Bucks Jim Woloszyk - Director of Finance


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