Performance Reporting

Prophix Launches Performance Reporting Functionality in 2018 Summer Product Release

August 2, 2018

New features allow users to add context to data & reports

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO – Prophix Software, a global leader in Corporate Performance Management (CPM) software, announced today the availability of new Performance Reporting features as part of their 2018 Summer Product Release.

Performance Reporting, the next level of management reporting, focuses on the why behind financial results. Expanding upon the benefits of Integrated Financial Planning, Performance Reporting links financial and operational collaboration and data to create a narrative, making reports more actionable. The Performance Reporting suite includes Workflow Comments, Cell Comments, Line Item Details, and the newest Row Notes feature.

Workflow Comments allow users to add comments when approving or rejecting workflow tasks. Cell Comments allow text or attachments to be linked to specific data points. These attachments are then carried throughout a users’ work. Similarly, Row Notes gives users the ability to apply comments to a complete row of data. These comments are then carried with each data point in that row throughout the solution.

These new features will provide several benefits to new and existing customers, including increased business visibility, accelerated workflow approvals, and more actionable reporting. The ability to add supporting documentation and commentary to data, as well as purpose and context to reports, empowers employees to make better business decisions.

“Our Performance Reporting tools allow for greater collaboration, better insights and improved agility across any organization,” said Alok Ajmera, President & COO of Prophix Software. “This key functionality will allow users to transform their approach to reporting and workflows.”


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