"As AAA Northeast geography continues to grow, we’re faced with consolidating financial information from multiple territories and separate accounting departments. By using a separate system that overlays the general ledger, its made our lives so much easier in terms of gathering data, importing it into one central source, and using Prophix to be the consolidation for us."

AAA Northeast Rich Pacheco - VP, Finance & Administration

Actionable Insight

Many companies give end-users access to transactional data using Business Intelligence (BI) applications. For some departments, this works nicely, but the office of finance has more complex analytical needs and most BI applications fall short when it comes to enabling users to deep-dive into the data.

To perform anything more than the most basic analysis requires that you manually download the data into a spreadsheet and develop mathematical formulas yourself. As we’ve come to realize, this method is not only prone to error, but time consuming and resource intensive.

With a corporate performance management application like Prophix, your reports are no longer static but interactive, and your errors are minimized if not removed entirely. Prophix also delivers built-in capabilities like pre-defined calculations to help you analyze the numbers with ease.


Prophix’s ad-hoc analysis provides you with the ability to quickly slice and dice data across various levels of detail (such as GL accounts, entities, companies, customers, and products), at either the aggregated or individual member level of detail. This enables better comparison and analysis of the data using simple drag-and-drop functions.

Deep dive into the data with Prophix’s dynamic and interactive analysis capabilities. Drill-up or drill-down on information, understand assumptions and source information. Drill across to see individual transactions that contribute to the bottom line.

Patented delta analysis capabilities make it easy to compare any time series data, financial or operational data across time, department, or any contingency you choose.

Add cell comments and attach documents that explain why actions were taken and how. The comments travel with the figures, so that even months later, or on another report, the details are still available.

Little to no training because Prophix delivers what users are used to seeing in spreadsheets and pivot tables, users intuitively understand how to use the software.

Prophix Dashboard Studio provides self-serve dashboards and visualizations that directly integrate with Prophix data, workflow tasks, announcements and external URLs and databases.

Prophix enables multiple forms of self-serve analysis

Cash flow analysis. Revenue analysis. Profitability analysis. Financial statement analysis. Operational analysis. Ad hoc analysis. Prophix enables you to understand your data and make informed decisions.

Imagine fundamentally changing the way you source, report, and analyze your data. Imagine drilling-down then comparing your results against financial and non-financial goals, historical trends, and industry benchmarks. Discover how the most detailed data influences your results.

With greater functionality and ease of use you will see a holistic view of the organization’s performance while satisfying specific requirements for operational and financial analysis. With improved analysis, you’ve begun to facilitate engagement across your organization to investigate exceptions and trends, project out your results, and plan into the future.

Stop struggling to figure out how to your organization is doing. Know how you’re performing and understand how your organization can do better.

Let’s face it, effective analysis helps you plan better. With Prophix, you gain efficiencies, increase visibility, add security, and transform your finance team.